BuddingWriters200 helps equip and nurture the writing talents of children and teens. We believe the gift of writing can be most effectively developed in small group and one-on-one mentoring relationships.  We offer both skills training and engaging activities that develop creativity, writing habits and confidence in youth who already enjoy writing. We do not offer remedial skill development.

We offer: cropped-children-writing-library-cropped.jpg
Small group workshops are designed to meet the needs and spark imaginations of children and youth.
One-on-one mentoring caters to the individual interests of budding young writers.
Pair mentoring between a teacher and two siblings or two friends encourages writing accountability among peers and also caters to their interests.
Custom training can be tailored to the specific needs of your budding writer(s).

*Please note, BuddingWriters200 is not affiliated with or endorsed by District 200.

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