The Freak Out

By Maddie

Maddie, left, enjoys dance and reading. Pictured with her friend Mylene.

I had never been on a scary ride before today. I arrived at the carnival and smelled popcorn. After we went on a few other rides, my friends, Jane and Molly, wanted to go on the Freak Out ride. We walked over to it and heard music lyrics, “Freak out!” We asked two teenagers getting off, “Was it scary?”

“No. Maybe the first time. If you’re scared, just close your eyes,” one said.

When we got on the ride, we had to take off our shoes and socks. I shut my eyes tightly as the ride started. At first I was surprised it wasn’t so bad. It was swinging relatively slowly and turned a little.

But out of the blue the ride started wildly swinging from side to side, turning very fast. My stomach dropped, and then filled with butterflies flying frantically.  My head dropped when the ride ended.

Coach Dawn with budding writers Maddie (right) and Mylene

I was glad I didn’t barf. But now I can say that I rode the “Freak Out.”

Maddie, 9, enjoys dancing jazz, musical theater, tap and ballet. She also enjoys reading. Maddie wants to become a fantasy or humor writer.


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