The Harry Potter Scar

By Olivia

My dad has a Harry Potter scar on his forehead. He will tell you that he was trying to protect me from a swordfish. The two of them were in an awesome battle when the cranky swordfish flew out of the water and used his blade to mark Dad’s head with a zigzag just like Harry Potter. This is the story of what really happened that day.

Olivia, center, with fellow writers Bella, right and Elliana, left

It was our first day on the beach. We had just spent all day in the hot Florida sun. We loaded up our things and set across the crispy sand. Finally, we reached the end of the sand and began hiking up a long ramp to the little foot showers. We hauled all our stuff behind us. It felt like we had been climbing Mt. Everest.

When we got to the foot showers, we rinsed sand off our feet. I finished and sat down on a bench nearby. Dad was already seated on the bench across from me. Suddenly he got up and began to sway in circles as he tried to take a few steps.

“What are you doing? Sit down!” my mom said.

Dad started to fall slowly. Then there was a thud. Everyone rushed over to see what had happened.

After about five seconds, he awoke. Luckily, a young emergency room nurse appeared on the scene. She wasn’t working that day and had seen everything.

While the nurse talked about my dad’s faint, I cried on the bench. I was scared to see Dad fall.

“Look, his sunglasses cut his forehead where he fell,” my mom said.

“Since he fell in murky water, he should probably get a tetanus shot,” said the nurse. “And some butterfly bandages.”

“I’m going to pull the car up,” said my mom’s friend, Jenn.

After the car pulled up, we loaded in and sped away to our rented house. Jenn, my brother and I were dropped at the house. My mom took my dad to get his tetanus shot and butterfly bandages. I was so glad he was okay.

Oliva, right, with Coach Dawn and writing buddy Bella

If you ask my dad how he got the scar on his forehead, he’ll surely tell you about the swordfish. My dad is my hero so I like to think that’s what happened too. 

Olivia, 10, is going into 5th grade. She loves hedgehogs and reading Harry Potter. Olivia hopes to publish a fantasy and wants to become a florist.