Amelie: My new baby sister

Mylene left MaddieAs our car zoomed through the city of Lombard, I stared out my window, not looking outside but thinking. “What would it be like in the hospital? What would my sister look like?”

I tried to picture it in my mind, but I could not. I bit my bottom lip nervously, then I looked up at my dad driving and my grandma talking to him. I looked back out the window, now looking for the hospital.

“Is that it?” I asked as a large building loomed into sight.

“Yup,” replied Dad.

I watched it come closer and closer and felt a rush of excitement.

Once we found a parking spot, we headed inside to the elevator. I pressed the circular button for number two and we went up.

Behind a pair of glass doors, a lady sat behind a desk. “May I see your name tag?” she asked. Dad unzipped his sweater and showed her his pink name tag. Then she asked Grandma her name. “Shinja Lee,” Grandma replied.

The lady typed Grandma’s name on the computer in front of her and gave her a pink tag to wear. Then she told me, “Your mother is in Room 313, on the left.” We left her and headed down the hall.

When we reached Room 313, my dad opened the door. A curtain surrounded the bed, so we closed the door and I pushed open the curtain. Mom was holding my baby sister in the bed in the middle of the room. Grandma and I sat on the couch, and Dad sat on a chair in the corner.

“Can I hold her?” I asked Mom after a minute.

“Yes,” she said. “Get a pillow and put it on your lap,” she added.

So, I got a pillow in my lap and cradled my arms as if holding a baby. Then the real baby came!

I felt very  comfortable and put my head down beside hers. I felt her breath on my cheek. 

Mylene and Matt
Mylene gets feedback from Mr. Jewell

Mylene, eight, is going into third grade. She loves to read
Harry Potter and enjoys all art. This is Mylene’s first published article. She wants to write mysteries.


The Big Splash

Bella, left, enjoys writing fantasy. She’s pictured with writing coach Dawn (center) and fellow writer and diving buddy Olivia.

By Bella

Waiting in line at the high dive, I felt my stomach tighten. I was as scared as a dog in a thunderstorm. The next person jumped. Then it was my turn. Oh no, I thought. I started climbing the ladder, feeling my stomach tighten even more. Don’t look down, I advised myself. When I got to the top of the diving board, my friend Olivia called out, “You can jump now!”

Part of me didn’t want to jump, but the other half did. My heart was thumping out of my chest. I took a deep breath, slowly walked to the edge of the high dive, took another deep breath, jumped up and out, then fell. I felt like I was falling 50 feet.  “Ahhhhhhh!!!” I cried. I was flying!

When I hit the water I heard the pshhhh as I hit and felt the water soak into my swimsuit.

I didn’t know why I had screamed. I loved it! It was the best day at the pool ever—as awesome as getting a new beagle. I swam to the edge of the water knowing then and there that I would never be afraid jumping off the high dive again.

Bella, 10, is going into 5th grade. She loves reading Harry Potter, riding horses, and all nature. Bella also enjoys writing fantasy and fiction. She would like to have a fantasy book published in the future and wants to be a rancher.