3, 2, 1 Write!

“If you wish to be a writer, write,” said Epictetus, the early Greek philosopher. So, this week i am a writer imagewe, Matt and Dawn, are launching our first workshop of Budding Writers200 with eight budding writers in Wheaton, IL. Our young scribes range from 4th-7th grade and enjoy narrative writing, poems, stories and more. Together we will interview three local authors and one LA Times journalist: author Margaret Philbrick, novelist Tony Romano and LA Times Pulitzer-prize winning copyeditor Boaz Herzog. We will also develop journal writing skills, practice group writing, learn interviewing and note-taking techniques, hone descriptive writing skills and create a publishable article. Check back to view our budding writers’ works published here! In the meantime, peruse our site:
About Us
Who We Are


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