Our budding writers are penning imagedaily entries in their writing journals this week. We don’t critique them and sharing what they wrote is completely voluntary. Of course, we hope they’ll journal regularly on their own for life. Yesterday our writers chose a superpower they’d possess for a day. Lauren, a future 5th grader, gave us permission to share her piece:

My superpower would be the ability to use other [people’s] powers. I would have to touch the person who has the superpower and would only be able to have one power at a time.

When I wake up, I touch my brother, who has the power to always be full. I taste a burst of strawberry and am full.

I then touch my dad who can make any technology work. I go to the basement and fix our broken Xbox.

Blake [my brother] and I
play MC at lunch. I touch Blake again, taste a jelly sandwich and am full.

My mom says, “Clean your room.” I touch her and run to my room, wave my hand and am done.(My mom has the power of super cleaning.) It’s dinner time then…

How about you? What superpower would you choose for a day?


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