My Pet Furball

Our eight budding writers in this week’s first BuddingWriters workshop selected a picture snipped from a magazine to stimulate their writing journal entries. They could choose to create a fictional story or describe a memory sparked by the image.

Czarina, an incoming 4th grader, selected a graphic of a mysterious furry creature swinging on Czarina bencha playset. She gave us permission to share her account, entitled, “My Pet Furball”:

“Wake up, sleepy head!” shouted my mom. “We’re heading to the pet store.”

As soon as I heard those words, I leapt out of my bed, sped to my closet and changed into my lucky blue shirt with white stripes on the shoulder.

As I tiptoed downstairs, I could smell mom’s fresh golden pancakes and homemade blueberry bagels. I went even faster down the stairs.

“Hey, Kiddo,” said my mom as I sat down. “Go ahead and start eating.” The pancake melting in my mouth was like heaven.

Minutes flew by and I was excited as we got in the car. You could even see my head bobbing up and down with excitement.

Throughout the ride I kept asking, “Are we there yet?” until my dad finally said yes.

My sister helped me choose an animal. She told me to get something that didn’t cost a lot. I examined the room then happily pointed at a furball.
“Are you sure?” asked my mom, dad and sister.
“Yup,” I replied.
After convincing them, we bought it and went home.

furballThe furball and I played with each other every day and night. He was the cutest furball ever. He was big, hairy and covered with flowers (I added those). He had cute horns to scare away the monsters under my bed.

Wait! I can’t end without telling you his name! It’s Smackle Smottle.

Czarina just completed third grade. She loves being on her gymnastics team, “The Springers.” She is working on a book for young adults called The Light. Czarina  collects smooth rocks and loves her baby brother.

As you can see, the creativity of Czarina and all of our budding writers this week is delightful. We’ll be posting more of their personal narrative assignments here soon. Check back for more!

*Please note, Budding Writers200 is not affiliated with or endorsed by District 200.




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