The Day I saved 1,000,000 Lives

We assigned our students a personal experience article describing a day in which their lives were somehow changed. This one’s by Addison, who shares her compassionate heart.

Have you ever been to a country with malnourished kids? Many of the countries of Africa have malnourished kids. Most of Africa is desert so they don’t have plants or animals, which means they don’t get food.

That’s where Feed My Starving Children comes in. It’s where you make meals for the hungry. I come every year. Feed my starving children logo

The room is like a big kitchen with an additional warehouse. The warehouse smelled like cardboard and the kitchen smelled like soy and rice. The soy smelled like powder and the rice smelled nutty. The kitchen is very loud and it does not help when the music volume is very high!

When I got on a team, we gave each other jobs. The jobs are: bagger, boxer, weigher, counter, sealer and pourer. The pourer in your team pours soy, rice, vegetables and vitamins in the bags.

Each team is given a country to work for. Our team suddenly chears, “Ghana, Ghana, Ghana,” excitedly. AddisonIt makes me feel great.

My favorite part is either seeing how many boxes you have packed or tasting what you have made. It takes like baby food and the consistency is like watery oatmeal. The day can be stressful, but at the end it feels great.

Addison is a fourth grade student at Wheaton Montessori. She loves her teachers. Her favorite hobbies are gymnastics, especially tumbling, and art.






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