Winning a Free Xbox

If you want to be a published writer, you must write, but then revise, seek and accept feedback, revise again and polish. It’s hard work. Our budding writers created three drafts of their personal experience articles in our four-day workshop. They heard feedback from fellow students, incorporated the principle of “show, don’t tell” and more. Our student Levi had already learned the rewards of hard work, as he describes in his article, “Winning a Free Xbox”.

“Oh, look, you can win an Xbox,” my mom pointed out.

“Really?” I sat straight up at the thought.

Many years ago, I was enrolled in an extracurricular learning program called Kumon. A lot Leviof kids around the world have this program in their country. This study center is designed to focus on many different elements of language arts and math. It was also created to help students excel in their classes.

Kumon opened up a program in which you could claim various prizes, from lava lamps to Samsung tablets. The way to claim prizes was simple: Earn points.

Since I had been a member of Kumon for a long time, I had accumulated a boatload of points. When I was on the computer looking at the prize catalog, a particular prize caught my eye: An Xbox 360. My brother planned to earn himself a tablet.

“Mom, can I have the Xbox?” I questioned.

“If you get enough points,” she explained.

My work began to speed up. As I completed assignments, points were added to my total. Eventually I had enough points to claim an Xbox.

Days later I happily ran to the front door to grab the package with my Xbox inside. Not only had I earned a big prize, I had also learned a big lesson: Study and hard work can lead to many great things. This applies to all people.
Levi is a 12-year-old who goes to Monroe Middle School. He has dedicated himself to writing poetry and fiction. Levi has been writing since kindergarten.

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