What are your writing dreams?

Day one of our workshop was bursting with the dreams of our eight aspiring authors, ages 8-11. Guest speaker, author Tony Romano (pictured at right), encouraged them to put dreams into action and write daily. Discipline more than talent makes a writer.

Here’s what our budding writers aspire to:

Evie hopes to be a realistic fiction writer and endocrinologist.

Avani hopes to become an optometrist and publish a mystery series.

Aria loves to read and write fiction and also wants to become an optometrist.

Mylene wants to write mysteries.

Elliana wants to have a news article published and act in a movie.

Olivia wants to have a fantasy novel published and become a florist.

Bella wants to have her fantasy book published and be a rancher.

Maddie wants to become a fantasy or humor writer.


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