Ready, set, publish!

Day two of our workshop: writers trekked around the inside of Tyndale Publishing House on a special tour led by editors Debbie, Sarah and Stephanie.

What’s the process of publishing a book from start to finish? Students put themselves in order of which direction the book would flow.


Editor Debbie describes how book covers get chosen. Students picked which of 6 cover options they liked for one book.
Editor Stephanie lead us in a simulation of stages of publishing a book. Marketing staff Bella must choose which magazine is most suitable for marketing the book in.
Production manager Aria holds the staff to tight deadlines. When will the book be finished?
Copyeditor Maddie must make corrections to author Mylene’s manuscript. Be positive, please!
Children’s editor Sarah describes how editing the “Story Travelers Bible” took two years!
Many thanks to Tyndale staff for a fabulous inside view of how a book gets published!

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