Poetry, Writing Tips and our Graduating Class

Vivid writing that captures the reader’s imagination includes the five senses of sight,

Matt Evie Avani
Poet Evelina (left) with Mr. Jewell and Avani

sound, touch, taste or smell. Our budding writers created sensory poems in their journal assignments last night. Evelina, 11, shared this:

Brightly colored leaves falling
Aromas of pumpkin and apple pies
Crinkling and snapping leaves and sticks
A sip of hot chocolate or warm milk
A fuzzy sweater wrapped around you on a long walk

Today, the last day of our workshop, our eight budding writers gleaned ideas from Margaret teachingWheaton author and writing teacher Margaret Philbrick. She offered these great tips for continuing to hone the gift and discipline of creative writing:
1. Create an intersection between your reading and writing. Consider: Why do you like or not like what you’re writing? Try to imitate the style that you like in your own writing.
2. Balance your reading between books you want to read or those your friends recommend with books you know you’ll be challenged by via ideas, vocabulary, etc.
3. Know your purpose and audience in writing a particular piece before you start. To entertain a peer? To inform? To persuade? Stick to it.
4. Enter poetry contests. It’ll improve your own poetry even if you never win.
5. Gift others with your writing. Write special poems to give as gifts to people you’ve written them for. Start work on a story now that you’ll finish in time to give friends and family copies of for Christmas.
Dawn&Margaret Philbrick6. Share your writing in a writers club. Margaret meets monthly with her writer group and gets feedback on her writing. You’ll get invaluable input from other writers.
7. Always write in a journal– ideas, feelings, questions. Create a separate journal only for travel. It’ll keep your memories alive and spark writing ideas.
8. Read “A Single Shard” by Linda Sue Park. Check out her website tips on writing.

Today our writers graduated!  We look forward to these shelves being filled with many poems, articles and stories penned by the writers in this group. We’ll be posting our budding writers’ articles here in days to come. Check back soon.

Graduation buddingwriters200 2017
Presenting the 2017 class of Budding Writers 200






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